Frenchie and a New Home

24 Jul

Boxes, tape and wrapped furniture.

The new home is finally filled, disorganized and a bit more alive.

Welcome home! Enfin…

Excitement for sure. Lazy also… do we really have to unpack all those boxes?

The bedroom and the kitchen are on top of my list.

Finding a spot for everything. Moving objects around. Stepping back. Change it again.

Les épices, elles vont où ? Et les huiles ?

The daunting task of creating a user-friendly working kitchen space.

Spices, oils, bowls and glasses. Where do they go now?

The Queen City providing mind breaks from boxes and more unpacking with its markets and neighborhoods.

But the call of the new kitchen is stronger. Invisible force.

Je veux cuisiner !

And so the blender was unpacked, washed and put to good use on the first night.

And the night after that again because we needed a new batch of that summer mousse.

Delicate, fresh and perfectly appropriate for eating on top of a box.

New space and new possibilities.

Ideas, suggestions and dreams colliding together.

Already wondering what the new home will look like a year from now.

Complètement différent !

Where is my trusted DeLorean when I need it? I wish I could already find out what I will invent and come up with?

I guess it’s a process.

In the meantime, mousse for everyone!

Peach and Cherry Summer Mousse with Cilantro

8 oz (227 g) Rainier cherries – pitted

3 ripe peaches – peeled and quartered

5 Tbsp (65 g) of blonde cane sugar

11 oz (300 g) of fromage blanc – replace with Greek yogurt if you cannot find it

2 egg whites

1 Tbsp of cilantro – roughly chopped (or more depending on taste)

In a blender, mix and purée the cherries and peaches with the fromage blanc (or Greek yogurt), cilantro and 4 Tbsp of the sugar. Reserve in a medium bowl.

In another medium bowl, beat the egg whites until firm peaks form. Add the last tablespoon of sugar and continue to beat at high speed until the sugar is incorporated.

Delicately pour the stiff egg whites into the fruit purée and mix gently until smooth.

Keep the summer mousse in a big bowl for everyone to enjoy, or divide it up in smaller bowls/containers.

Keep covered and chilled in the fridge before serving.


5 Responses to “Frenchie and a New Home”

  1. JARDIN ANGLAIS July 24, 2013 at 11:11 AM #

    Bonne installation ! Best wishes to you and your family : happy new life in Charlotte ! Cordialement. Evelyne


  2. Annie*** July 31, 2013 at 9:00 AM #

    Une nouvelle ville.
    Une nouvelle vie.
    Une nouvelle cuisine !
    Bravo et bonne chance !



  3. Jamie August 4, 2013 at 3:14 PM #

    I so envy you your new home, new city and new life! I would love to be in a new place, setting up and being able to go out and discover. And the mousse is divine! I adore making desserts like this with fromage blanc.


  4. Inspired and pretty September 4, 2013 at 4:50 PM #

    I missed your posts David, I always love to read you and see your photos. I wish you a lot of happiness in your new home and thank you for the wonderful recipe 🙂



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