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Frenchie and the Sachertorte

21 Mar

When in Vienna, Austria, one cannot go about without eating a piece of sachertorte, the most famous Viennese dessert. This chocolate cake, invented by Franz Sacher, is sold exclusively as “the Original Sacher-Torte” at the Hotel and Café Sacher according to their secret recipe even though different versions of the torte have surfaced in various cafés throughout Vienna.

Whether you agree that the Hotel Sacher’s torte is the best – I thoroughly enjoyed Café Demel’s sachertorte which was hands down better than anything I tasted (located at Kohlmarkt 14) – you will leave Vienna with a feeling that sachertorte should be served everyday as an afternoon snack and an overwhelming sadness will engulf you thinking that you may never find a comparable tasty equivalent back home.

Hotel Sacher, Vienna

Well, chocolate dessert lovers rejoice! I have made a sachertorte and it was exquisite. Not knowing where to start, I simply made it from the recipe found on Epicurious. One very important change to the recipe: do not cook the cake for 45 minutes as indicated or it will be too dry. 25 to 30 minutes should suffice. Also, if you want a real Viennese experience, the whipped cream is always served plain and unsweetened to contrast nicely with the sweetness of the cake.

With Vienna in my mind and a slice of sachertorte on my table, March 21 could not feel any better. Happy Spring!

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