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Frenchie and the Hungarian Frenchie

20 Mar

Is there anything that this Hungarian phone ad taken last week at the Budapest airport left out from the French many stereotypes?

Baguette – check

Béret – check

Scarf – check

Boating t-shirt from Brittany with stripes  – check

Mustache / Goatee – check

The perfect eyes and gaze saying anything from I’m romantic / lost / I need a hug / I’m an artist deep inside / I will woo you all night long – check

Metrosexual / European jewelry – check

Eiffel Tower – check

Romantic sunset over Paris – check

Cobblestones – check

Old house with growing ivy – check

I guess we’re just missing the smell! Hard to portray that on a photo though. Maybe they should have added some flies somewhere around the “French” guy.

Whether stereotypes follow me in the U.S. (Is Pepé Le Pew really French? Frenchie and the Italian Skunk) or in Hungary, it’s hard to escape them in the end. And while sitting in front of this ad and waiting at the airport for my flight back to the U.S., I read somewhere in GQ that the boating striped sweater is one of the hottest fashion item for men for this upcoming Spring and Summer. I am afraid to ask… when is the béret making a come back?

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