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Frenchie and the Tuscan Gun’s Deliciously Sweet Cake

28 Jul

An easy dessert to bake to share the sweetest flavors of Corsica right in your kitchen? It’s happening now on Under the Tuscan Gun in Frenchie and the Magical Corsican Dessert.

I know you already have eggs and sugar somewhere waiting in your fridge and kitchen cabinets ready to be whisked! Bring out the baker in you and celebrate the mid-summer season with a refreshingly light (and gluten-free!) dessert.

Share the recipe with your friends and family – they won’t be disappointed.

Cooking, hiking, baking, picking berries and canning – that’s what’s happening this week in the new post about traveling through Corsica.

Under the Tuscan Gun is the fresh, healthy, traditional Tuscan website created by American actress Debi Mazar and her Italian husband, Gabriele Corcos, to share their passion for Tuscan food.

Catch them also on the Cooking Channel where they invite viewers into their home and kitchen in the series Extra Virgin.

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