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Frenchie and the Tuscan Gun’s Village Food

7 Jul

Frenchie and the Yankee tastes the essence of Corsican flavors and eats away during a lazy day spent in a village for Under the Tuscan Gun in Frenchie and the Corsican Village Food.

Sizzling olive oil, fresh peppery wild mint, frittata, smoked charcuterie and roasted kid. Taste this new post, it’s delicious! Spend a lazy day reading about the tasty and flavorful food from a rustic village lost far away in a mountainous maze.

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Under the Tuscan Gun is the fresh, healthy, traditional Tuscan website created by American actress Debi Mazar and her Italian husband, Gabriele Corcos, to share their passion for Tuscan food.

Catch them also on the Cooking Channel where they invite viewers into their home and kitchen in the series Extra Virgin.


Frenchie and the Butcher

10 Feb

– Frenchie: “Can I please have one of those black pepper beef burgers?”

– Whole Foods Butcher: “Sure thing!”

– Frenchie: “Wait, they’re kinda big for one person, it looks like a burger for two. Do you have anything smaller?”

– Whole Foods Butcher: “This is America buddy, burgers are burgers!”

– Frenchie: “OK then! Super size me that burger!”

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