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Frenchie and A New Town

4 Mar

Moving takes time! Especially when staying at a furnished corporate condo for 3 months while trying to find a more permanent home.

House and condo visits, settling in, new routine, new marks.

All good fun in a new town but also quite exhausting.

While cooking has been put on hold for a while – there isn’t much you can do in a furnished place with 3 plates, 1 sauce pan and 2 pans – exploring and going on new adventures are the main activities that have taken much of my time and weekends.

Along with finding a new home.

In the end, it is a great way to discover a city and new areas.

Washington is everything I was expecting and so much more.

I could talk to you for hours about how colorful the D.C. streets are.

It reminds me of Boston a lot except that instead of being surrounded by a sea of red bricks typical of the Bostonian landscape, my head is now spinning and overwhelmed at the multitude of brightly painted facades in every color of the rainbow.

And how ironic that my temporary street is one of the most colorful streets in the area called Shaw and that the houses across from me are painted with the colors of the French flag.

It’s quaint, it’s delightful, it’s bright and it’s lovely.

Walking and exploring is so much more fun when there are secrets to discover at every street corner.

If you are thinking about visiting D.C., the followings are worth a mention:

  • Think about exploring Logan Circle – standing in the center of the circle and observing the beautiful old mansions is something I do not get tired of doing on a daily basis
  • La Colombe, Compass Coffee, The Big Bear Cafe and The Coffee Bar make for exquisite places to rest, work, read, and catch up with friends
  • Le Droit Park and Bloomingdale are both residential areas never featured in the tourists guides – quaint to walk through for their houses, colors, vibe and charm
  • How could you not fall in love with Salt & Sundry – the perfect store to find a gift
  • The colorful stools and food at Duke’s Grocery got me really excited to go back again
  • Chaia in Georgetown wooed me over with their “farm to taco” concept – a great vegetarian spot
  • As mentioned above, the city has great painted houses and murals – you should not miss the watermelon house at 11th St and Q St NW and the Dacha Beer Garden with the giant portrait of Liz Taylor

The new adventures and flavors D.C. has to offer are so enticing.

New musings, new colors and visual experiences.

Next time, I hope to announce something about a brand new home.

Stay tuned.


Frenchie and a New Beginning

29 Dec

The blog has been quiet since Thanksgiving.

There is a good reason for that.

For those who follow me on Instagram, it won’t come a surprise since I made the announcement two weeks ago.

After 3 years in Charlotte, a new life is waiting for me in Washington, DC.

New year, new beginning, new adventures.

2015 is ending on a high note.

2016 already looks thrilling and full of new experiences.

Below is a quick glance at what life looked like this year.

A few of my favorite things.

Places, food, colors, flavors and musings.

Ready for D.C. and what it has to offer.

But first, I must finish packing and moving!

Happy new everything to everyone.

Bonne Année 2016 !

Frenchie and Weekends Away

7 May

I’ve been very lucky these past few months.

Lucky that I was able to visit friends who no longer live in the same city.

I came to realize I am surrounded by friends who, like me, enjoy moving and end up in interesting cities and countries.

Keeping in touch, optimizing the quality of a friendship with long-distance allies, buddies, mates, can prove to be difficult.

What is the secret to staying in touch?

How do you stay close when the long-distance barrier stand in the way?

Weekends away and mini trips for one-on-one face time – quick reunions to catch up and explore together.

These escapes are something I look forward to.

What do you do to keep up with friends who live far?

Please share your favorite getaway places, cities, memories.

IMG_9775 IMG_9721_2

Continue to discover Washington, DC has been on top of my travel list for a while now.

Food hunting of course. But also immersing myself in the quaint architecture of its various neighborhoods.

A different kind of historic town in comparison to Boston, which I continue to miss dearly.

Washington always surprises me for its colors and random happy spots that I soak up along the way.

From one lone bright yellow house on a busy street surrounded by other gray houses, to the eye-popping colored walls of Georgetown.

Un vrai délice.

In no particular order, my DC list goes as follow:

– the ham croquetas, the manchego and ham open-faced sandwich, the barely spicy thick tomato sauce with eggs at Estadio were a brunch highlight

– the magnificent bold colors, pastel tones, and whimsical look of 12th Place NW off of W Street NW caught my attention.

– the fennel pollen and orange peel saucisson, the home-made punch and the crusty bread at Etto proved to be the perfect afternoon snack.

– relaxing on a bright Sunday morning at the Big Bear Cafe outside terrace while waiting for a lemon blueberry muffin showed me Washingtonians can think about something else other than work.

– the Meridian Hill Park off of W Street NW is a place I had never explored before. A high point in the city and a high point of my visit as I thoroughly enjoyed the walk from Dupont Circle through the various off the beaten path streets leading up to the park.

– the pastrami hash, the bagels, the smoked salmon, the challah French toasts, the rye bread… yes, it is DGS Delicatessen and it is as good as it sounds.

– the unusual elongated and narrow location of Iron Gate restaurant, tightly nestled in between two townhouses. You actually eat in what was once an alley. The old stables in the back turned into a bigger dining room. If you can get seated near the bar at the front of the restaurant in the alley, it is the perfect spot. Oh and I forgot to mention the charred feta stuffed squid with currants, pine nuts and mustard cream.

– if you are lucky to be in DC during the cherry blossom season, the walk around the Jefferson Memorial is stunning.

When talking about Atlanta, I can’t say I know the city well.

Work trips mostly took me there.

Hotels, conference rooms, no real city experience.

I caught up with Atlanta recently and unearthed its unique side.

I focused on the following:

– biking the BeltLine – an all day biking trip featuring colorful walls, murals, parks, and peculiar corners. What fun!

– how could you say no to lamb merguez, chickpeas, olives and mint at One Eared Stag? I couldn’t!

– the Krog Street Market has been on my list of places to visit for more than a year now. Enfin ! GC BBQ, The Little Tart Bakeshop, Superica, Yalla… too many things to try.

– the beauty of old Victorian houses in the Inman Park area.

– the blue and white bright interior at Jake’s Ice Cream and Sorbets shop.

– the walk through the Botanical Garden filled with flowers each prettier than the other.

– a winning gazpacho with lobster meat at King + Duke.

Now that I am back, I can’t wait to go back. I saw a side of the city I had never seen before.

Pictures in this post are from DC and Atlanta along with quick snaps weaved in the story from other weekend getaways in NYC and Blowing Rock, NC.

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